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November 5th, 2020

11:18 pm
We all begin with good intent
Love was raw and young
We believed that we could change ourselves
The past could be undone

But we carry on our backs the burden
Time always reveals

The lonely light of morning
The wound that would not heal
It's the bitter taste of losing everything
That I have held so dear.

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July 12th, 2013

05:48 am
My last post was... April 19, 2012.
That post, was about my resignation from the previous employment.
Since then, I never wrote, nor visited the blog.

And coincidentally, today's post, some 15months later, is about another resignation.

Strangely, I don't really know how I want to go about writing this because for some reason, this resignation feels nothing like what I've ever experienced. In the past, it was only about relief and excitement. This time, there's some bit of sadness, uncertainty and regret mixed inside it.

For the 13months I was employed in (for the sake of convenience, let's name it ABC. but you guys know what I'm talking about!) ABC, I've experienced and learnt so much more than I would have in my 2.5 years in the previous place. There was so much politics, or drama, the stress level was suffocating, crazy, unimaginable ways of having fun. Suffice to say, my life took quite a huge turn from the day I entered ABC.

For starters, working over the weekends (Sundays included) was no longer a pain to me. In fact, on days where we had Saturdays or Sundays off, I felt lost and didn't know what to do.

I knew that getting myself into a sales line would mean sacrificing a huge bulk of my personal time and having to go through results driven bosses. And I was also prepared to work for the money, knowing that ABC was one of the best paying ones around, and gave one of the best recognitions in the industry.

But of course, as usual, I didn't prepare myself well enough. Or maybe, I just wasn't up to it.

The first 3 months were gruelling... almost 7 days work week, and apparently, sales wasn't as easy to garner as we thought it would be. Rejections aplenty, and cancellations were a norm. But that didn't get us down. After we graduated, we went on to our next phases. My first month in GWC was a life changer in terms of the way I work. I was blessed with a very competent and helpful boss, who equipped me with one of the best tc skills that gave me a little 'fame' in my coming months, despite the lack of conversion.

I was oddly blessed with superiors who gave me a lot of opportunities, and had a very weird strong faith in my abilities. So second month into phase 2, I was transferred to a different place.

It was heaven on earth for me. Before the transfer, I saw how friends turned into foes, how shit stirrers flourished, and how politics found its way into this line. But in the new place, I was extremely happy. My branchmates were peace loving, helpful, fun loving, and capable. Going to work everyday was a happy thing. Even working till 10pm on Fridays was easy because of the kind of people I worked with.

For a moment there I kind of lost my point.
Coming back...

But as time went by, I felt more and more compelled to garner cases only because I had to. And not because it was a good thing for the customers. It could be perfectly tailored to their needs and objectives, but I no longer felt like I was doing any good at all. I only did it for the sake of reporting a closure at 4pm.

I'd say it was the culture of the entire group itself which brought about such a sense of compulsion. I'd also say that despite the great geographical location of where I was at, unconditional help from my seniors, an extremely encouraging direct boss, I did not want to work anymore.

So I pulled a stop to it adruptly one day, when I decided that I didn't have it in me to move forward anymore.

I loved the job scope, the advisory. And I loved meeting new people everyday. I loved the satisfaction I got when I see happy customers, and when they give me little tokens of appreciation, be it a text message, or a bottle of pineapple tarts. But the sales culture there was something I could not blend in with.

I felt really sad when I knew I wasn't going to see these wonderful colleagues everyday anymore, and I felt sad to leave behind all my supportive customers. I felt a strong pinch everytime I look back at the fun times during DND dance practices, DND itself, the sales retreat last year, dinners with the branch, etc. But I felt that my stay was extended for the wrong reasons.

Now that I'm taking a break, I finally had some time to stop and start doing things I used to do in the past. And that's when I realised how much I've neglected over the last year.

Little things like tidying up my laptop, saving the photos I took with my phone and sorting them out into folders, I've stopped doing. Don't even get me started on all the loved ones I neglected. Work was just such a huge part of my life that I stopped catching up on myself.

Of course, good things did come out of this entire time.
I'd like to believe that I understood myself better... in a way. I've grown more confident in such a way that going for interviews no longer scare me; I just condition myself to think that that's a new customer I'm meeting, and all the anxiety goes away.
I've also made a bunch of good friends I know I would be keeping for a long time. Friends whom have gone through the rough and bumpy with me.
I've also taken a brand new perspective on finance and happy to say that I'm a much more aware consumer myself now.
And because I'm starting to feel sleepy, lastly, I still can't decide if this is a good or bad thing, but my alcohol tolerance has definitely gone up a few notches. Oh and I've stopped rejecting beer. Although I still can't understand the chilling with a beer on a hot day theory. But hey, I look at beer with less disdain now.

So ABC, thank you for the last 13 months. It has been the best employment experience I've ever had, and I'm pretty sure, it will never be triumphed. I have no regrets ever giving this a shot.



April 19th, 2012

12:19 am
Has it been almost 2 years since my last update?
Even I don't keep track anymore... I can't remember when was the last time I even came on to the livejournal site. Changed so much!

Anyway, I just felt the compelling need to update my own journal... for keeps sake, or whatever. Hur.

I remember first feeling so psyched and so passionate about work, about the results I've achieved and the things I can see myself achieve. I remember feeling good about where I've gotten to at work... although I wasn't exactly the happiest. But it was always offset by the great people I've met.

Last May, things took a little change. I took on a rotation and moved on to do some investigative work, which was a truly enriching experience, And honestly, I was very much happier. 3 months later, the rotation ended and in August, I moved on to M's team to be his assistant. 

Being the ATM wasn't a bed of roses. In fact, on a daily basis, I feel stressed. 
I don't know everything, and I know not everyone does. But most of the times, I don't even feel confident of the answers I deliver to my team members when they have issues. I always feel like I'm not giving them the best answer and somehow, there's always gonna be something better. My first few months were very bumpy... and I started to feel really demoralised and all. But being M's ATM was a good thing because I could get along with him and I didn't mind having to share whatever work he has to do. I don't even feel annoyed taking on all the escalations that he passed on to me, or the mandarin customers he couldn't handle. 

I guess it does help to work with someone you can get along with.

For that past 9 months, I had so many phases where I felt so tired and demoralised that I would be tearing in my seat while I was taking on their escalations or doing some complaint case. I think I lost count how many times I cried from exasperation, or sat in the toilet taking in countless deep breaths and trying to calm down.

But all these were phases. They came, and they went.

The last straw came on the day I came out of my appraisal, took about ten steps, and realised that I left the room not knowing what the direction ahead of me was. I didn't know what I was going to be doing that was different, and had no idea how I was going to run harder.

I was told... to keep doing what I was doing, and to take on more of it in the absence of M.

I suppose it took me a while to realise that because I didn't mind that at all. Until I realised... this meant stagnation.

That very weekend, during our management retreat, I stared hard at the list of names who were involved in this year's major service project... and I couldn't find my name. I couldn't find another person, whose name wasn't in that list, and wasn't involved in another project. Because everyone else had one.

And then I remembered - they place utmost emphasis on the projects that you're involved in, for your own promotion.
At that moment, I felt like leaving that place and never turning back. Because all I was there for, was to fill the void for M when required. The other opportunities... wait, what opportunities?

During one of my talks with a good friend/colleague, I discovered that my bosses weren't so clear about my direction. They were sure I could do something, but they weren't so sure about how I felt about things here.

Really? They couldn't talk to me about it? They assumed I wasn't interested?

I gave up a job offer in November, to keep pushing harder and to give all the help I could give to M. 
But no, they couldn't see that I wish I could stay. 

As March drew closer, I felt more and more jaded by the day and one day I woke up and realised that I didn't want to wait till the day I would cry in front of my boss because she couldn't see what I was doing anymore.

I wanted to do something for myself.

So I mustered courage and I finally tendered. The very Monday after our bonus was credited. hehe.

Next Wednesday would be my last day here and I'm feeling a weird concoction of emotions.
Most days I feel relieved because I no longer have to feel for whatever happens, or not.
Some days, I feel really rotten to have abandoned M and all my friends there. I feel sad leaving this place, where I've gotten so comfortable to, and unsure if my next destination would give me sufficient job satisfaction enough to not regret my decision today.

I know I will miss this place, the people really.
But I also know that I want to do something for myself now... and not have to wait till the day I realise that nothing is really gonna happen for me anymore.

So this is goodbye to the place I've gotten so comfortable with for the last 2.5 years...
but this is definitely not goodbye to all the great people I've met there.

and goodbye to the people I wish I had never met. urgh

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August 7th, 2011

10:57 pm - in the rut.

For the longest time, I've been stuck in a rut.
And by long, I mean 3 weeks - at least.

Every weekend, a nasty sense of unhappiness/loneliness/rage creeps into my bones.
This whirlpool of emotions isn't exactly what I'd call an easy to manage one.
Every other hour I feel like bawling my eyes out.

To my surprise, I haven't had my fill from crying - yet.
Nothing more than just a few streams of tears.

While I can't exactly resolve my issues, I am well aware what's causing it.
And because of it, everything else in my life looks bleak.

I tried to look for other channels to distract me... but it seems like they're out of reach.
Or maybe people tend to generalise, and I've become a general person.
One who leads similar lives to many others.

I have an innate need to be around people... a constant need to feel like I belong to people.
And I'd have thought that my closer ring would know better. Sad to say, everybody generalises, even though it's not like I never raised it up before. (Yes, I'm generalising now, too.)

But life's like that.

I'm sick of feeling like that; I'm sick of the same old shit. Recurring and recurring every other year.
Why don't you just die? Why don't you just disappear from the face of this earth? That'd save me a lot of trouble, a lot of crying and a lot of guessing.

You're a scumbag. You're a dirty, filthy, piece of shit.
I wish you never existed. I wish you would just die.

That said, if I could fulfil one wish in my last hour of life, I would march over to kill you.
I mean it.

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August 5th, 2011

05:38 pm
sometimes you wish you knew what's really happening.
or what has happened.

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June 27th, 2011

01:36 am

I was typing a whole essay about our relationship the last 5ish years and then i deleted it.

Because i realised that all i wanted to say was that you're the best and i love our love.

Bkk 2011.

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June 6th, 2011

09:53 pm
There are so many things I want to do, but never did.
For one, I wanted to pick up piano again.. safe to say, I dont think there will be a time in the near future that I will. Considering how we dont have space for that.

I think I have a problem.
A very fleeting determination.. or attention span. To some, that's just being fickle.

I dont have one single thing that I truly enjoy doing. Well, that's if we take shopping out of consideration. No, scratch that. Sometimes, I dont even enjoy shopping. But that's the story for another day.

I guess one of the reasons why I love SPEED, is because they are the one constant thing, or people, that I actually maintained my love for more than a decade. I usually find myself in a momentary adrenaline because I decided that I want to do something, and keep it going. But at the end of a few weeks, sometimes days, the enthusiasm goes away.

I got myself enrolled into japanese class previously. And I have been putting back the continuation. Not because I lost the interest in it - I still want to carry on. I just lost the drive. Somehow.
I got myself enrolled into the CFA exams. It hasn't even started, but I'm not exactly very consientious in the studying.
I got myself a guitar, too. But I haven't mastered the chords.

I guess to me, many things are pointless. Or many things seem to me like they can wait.
And so I allow procrastination to get into me.

I suppose that should start changing now. Time waits for no man.

And that, assuming I don't procrastinate, too.

Argh. Procrastination is such a bitch.
Current Mood: soresore

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May 5th, 2011

09:37 pm

For completion by October. Almost impossible oh my god.

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09:36 pm

After a full day of sinful feeding by the colleagues, dinner must be kept light.

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April 11th, 2011

09:39 pm - Growing up

This is a painful, vicious cycle and honestly, i think this is the last leg - the part where i cant be bothered to change how i feel anymore.

It all began when there was resent, blame and anger, about the kind of person you are, and how you shape my life, shape the way i think and behave.

It then came to a point where i looked at you with so much ache and saw that beyond all the shit that you do, i know you love me. And truth be told, theres so much you've done for me that i can never measure, i can never double.

But thats not what gives you unconditional right to spit limitless insults, speak as if im worth nothing in your eyes.

I am now at the phase where i dont give a damn to what convention or culture depicts because respect, ive learnt, is way beyond seniority. Respect of a person's existence as a being, is the fundamental, unconditional act. Anything beyond that, is earned.

How do i bring myself to respect you with full willingness, if all you do, is behave like a mad bull on the loose? How do i bring myself to give my all to you, when you constantly demean my very presense?

For so long, all ive ever tried doing was to prove myself worthy. To show you that im more than what you think im capable of (or the lack thereof). But it has never mattered to you.

Because all that matters, are the thing that i didnt do right, the things that i never did according to your wishes.

And right now, i no longer give a damn.

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09:39 pm - Growing up

This is a painful, vicious cycle and honestly, i think this is the last leg - the part where i cant be bothered to change how i feel anymore.

It all began when there was resent, blame and anger, about the kind of person you are, and how you shape my life, shape the way i think and behave.

It then came to a point where i looked at you with so much ache and saw that beyond all the shit that you do, i know you love me. And truth be told, theres so much you've done for me that i can never measure, i can never double.

But thats not what gives you unconditional right to spit limitless insults, speak as if im worth nothing in your eyes.

I am now at the phase where i dont give a damn to what convention or culture depicts because respect, ive learnt, is way beyond seniority. Respect of a person's existence as a being, is the fundamental, unconditional act. Anything beyond that, is earned.

How do i bring myself to respect you with full willingness, if all you do, is behave like a mad bull on the loose? How do i bring myself to give my all to you, when you constantly demean my very presense?

For so long, all ive ever tried doing was to prove myself worthy. To show you that im more than what you think im capable of (or the lack thereof). But it has never mattered to you.

Because all that matters, are the thing that i didnt do right, the things that i never did according to your wishes.

And right now, i no longer give a damn.

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March 4th, 2011

11:59 pm - cfa

As as 11.54am on 04 March 2011, I'm $1,300 poorer.

Dear Miss Low:
This email confirms your registration for the CFA Program. Congratulations: you are now a CFA candidate.


Best regards,

CFA Institute

Wokay. So it's back to the books, out of the play...


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February 16th, 2011

11:44 pm
And I still miss having a soulmate in you.
Every other day, I wish what we had was real.
I wish that at the end of the day, our friendship actually meant something.

But no, it only meant something to me.

I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see

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11:27 pm - It has been a while indeed.

There are too many times I stop to wonder if I really know what I'm doing.
It's only mid February and I'm questioning.
Oh twenty eleven please be nice...

The last time I actually felt time whiz pass so quickly was probably in the last semester of school.
Back then I think I was actually feeling carefree and satisfied. Not that I'm not right now, because actually.. life's kinda rad right now.
But oh you know! The morning inertia everyday, the mid day desire to flee that place and the end day exhausion even though I didn't really do much all day. Or maybe precisely because I didn't do anything much.

Here I go again. Whine again. NO STOP.

CNY came and went in a flash. It was all good, and stelly and I recorded our highest record this year kudos to mummy's ang pow. Let's just say, one ang pow alone and we lost all motivation to head out for more. hurhur. The festive was not bad though. But not too festive if you ask me. Like all that hype and the mood have all gone away over the years.

Then on came VDAY. F was the sweetest this year. He got me a bouquet delivered right to the office doorstep, and took me out for a nice lil dinner. It was actually a short and really sweet one. :)

L's back at work already, yay and the ramen dinner together with Y yesterday was so awesome. L makes life at work a lot less dull. By a hugeeee margin. really.

Anyhow, F and I are about to embark on our CFA chase come March. I know it's tough and all... but cannot fail man this one. I cannot fall into the 58% of the cohort. I need to squeeze my butt into the 42%. Must.


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February 7th, 2011

12:13 am

When my boyfriend and i get hungry in the middle of the night but are too guilty to eat...

F: you eat i eat
R: you sure not! Later i cook mine already you tell me you scared fat or sleepy then not cooking!
F: wont! We show proof.

So after we cook our own supper, we proceed to mms our supper to each other.

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January 31st, 2011

03:27 am - Best sunday ever

It's now 3.05am, 4 hours more before my alarm rings, 5.5 hours more to my first "GOOD MORNING xxxxxxx bank! ".

Im still very awake, and i dont think i'd be sleeping anything more than 2 hours tonight, no thanks to the very potent yakun ice coffee.

But im not a single bit pissy, nor am i dreading the monday blues. For i had the best weekend ever.

Although i had a very unproductive Friday at work, we had a splendid girls' night out! Sub standard sushi tei for dinner, mad lon walk just to look for a NTUC, the freezy time at the island spamming iCamera apps, games and whathaveyous. How awesome can a girls' night out get!

But for a wonderful night, i woke up with a price. Fever came back so i spent my morning sleeping it off. Lazed the day away.... And F came to save me. He had the audacity to feast on punggol nasi lemak in my face while i settled with porridge and chee cheong fun. :( but we found a new friend!

My sunday began in the afternoon after a satisfying recharging sleep. And not forgetting how mummy woke me up to take my med. Aww so sweet!

I spent 30 minutes of my Sunday talking to F's mummy. :):):) Watched cartoons and top gear with my boo and fixed my resume a little together. Watched 2 concerts in the Fabius style (quick scan thru highlights) and off we went to attempt to catch Burlesque. But we didnt manage to, in the end. How can it STILL be sold out after so long!!! :( so we went for dinner at the all time favourite ippudo and this time, the waitress that offered to crush the garlic was mad lousy. Fabius was awesome tho!! So we had overflow of garlic. Haha.

Happy 74th my love!!

To end the weekend in the perfect note, I just had the most endearing phonecall with fabius.


Life feels perfect right now.

Eileen, im gonna ignore everything i said before!!! You are so right life's amaaaaazzzziiinnnngggggg whoopwhoop!

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January 27th, 2011

02:50 pm
Woah record breaking.

I don't know why the block either. hahaha.
When twitter happens, livejournal doesn't.

Anyhow, I'm on mc. I'm contributing to the flu epidemic.
Caught it just by lying next to my mother for half a night, playing bejewelled. Potent virus I tell you.

I now have an elephant stuck in throat too. And the fever night.... was officially the worst night I've had in years. I almost didn't sleep, woke up every few hours and I vomited. Eurghh.

In other better news, I'm restarting Le Little Shop! This time with the help of stelly boo.
And I'm not catching up on Jap class. And I'm gonna be buying another madly priced concert DVD again.

So yes, nothing really new in life actually.

And oh, January sucks balls.


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December 27th, 2010

08:26 pm

My 2011 resolution:

To be a more useful person and quit procrastinating.

That would include:
1. A job/job scope change
2. Endless certification
3. Le little

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01:58 am


I had one of the bestestest Christmas ever.
It was a quiet, simple one.
But it was the best one ever.

And I've been overspending all in the name of Christmas.
So grounding myself this January. Gahh.

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December 23rd, 2010

10:21 pm

I blew my pockets up in one trip to Sephora.
I wonder how people make countless trips there...

Then again, I left happy albeit poorer, and aching for my wallet.

And yes! My holiday has begun! At 1pm today, I felt like a free bird as I strided out of the office building, making way towards the train station. Whoo! It's been a while! Ok, not really, but what the heck!

Holidays begun with shopping around town with the sister till our feet threatened to leave us.

And I've a long weekend ahead to look forward to. Onward!

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December 17th, 2010

01:10 am

Because I want to remember this little moment of bliss forever...

Today, we spoke of our perfect little luncheon by the beach. Or maybe a pretty little outdoor restaurant.

With a live jazz band, unlimited flow of champagne and chardonnay, pretty little tarts and sumptuous courses.

Pretty ribbons and sweet smelling roses. My decor in champagne and white...

Simple and fuss free.
And i want my perfect cocktail dress!

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December 9th, 2010

02:22 am

If there's one thing I should have learnt by now, it would be to come to terms that those promises are like irregularily drawn cheques.

Hence there's really no more point in me trying to prove my point of view anymore, for it never mattered.

Maybe when it stops bothering me, things will be clearer.

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December 6th, 2010

02:41 am

The house looks so picture perfect..

Boys, that's a shit lot of fun and food exams has deprived you of!

So we awed at the ceramic knife i have at home, diced, chopped, roasted, boiled, washed and all.
The result was a pretty fancy feast! It was amazing what we could come up with in that short while.

It felt like a really awesome evening, food and company alike.

So happy birthday my dear Y and S, i hope this year's little celebration was a good one!

Last but definitely not least, i need to sprinkle my space with some stamp of ownership. Hahahahahahahaha.

Girls we need to do this more, even without the boys! Yay.

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December 4th, 2010

08:17 pm

All I really need is change.

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November 30th, 2010

10:27 pm

I'm gonna annoy you for many many many more 6 years!!!! Good luck with that!

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November 29th, 2010

08:14 am

What other way to make your lousy night than to start the next morning with a treat ?

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November 28th, 2010

04:47 am

D&D was awesome by the way.

And so was Melaka!

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04:37 am

There's this warm, fuzzy feeling...

Like I haven't said it enough, i feel like a million dollars. Or a billion dollars.

I've a mummy so awesome, i'm always wondering how she manages to do all that she does, and even more. Me, i cant even do half of what she's doing. And yesterday, i just signed, on her behalf, ten grand. All because she loves me so much, she'd do everything.

I've a daddy, who, regardless of everything, always only wants me to know he loves me. Today, i managed to drive away without paying a cent after getting vios fixed all because he'd wrap up everything for me.

I've a boyfriend, a soulmate, who, i wouldnt know what to do without. Everything in my life, he'd be there to share with me and bring me through it; good or bad. With whom, i feel so in place, so settled.

They say you dont have to have a million bucks to feel like a millionaire. Well i guess it's true.

I'm filthy rich.

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November 23rd, 2010

12:03 am

Today marks the first time ever, that I cried out of pure exasperation and anger from trying to communicate to a customer.
This customer, who shall not be named, whose race, gender, nationality, shall remain annoymous, not for his/her benefit, but for my safety.

For my convenience, let's call this customer, it.
This customer, who has created a record in the level of stupidity, not due to its lack of the ability to speak proper english (in fact, it could speak perfectly well), but due to its lack of ability to comprehend simple sentences, its lack of ability to accept how all banks work, and probably its lack of EQ - simply assuming that just because it's a customer, I should subject myself to its insult, whatever it wants, the bank must be able to provide.

Over just a really simple question.

So here's some background.

For all funds transfers, foreign currencies or SGD alike, as long as it's a transfer to an overseas bank account, it is a telegraphic transfer.

Customer asks, "What is the procedure if i want to transfer SGD to another SGD a/c in Phillipines? it's a SGD a/c i'm remitting into ah. what are the charges?"

So it's a really simple enquiry. So simple, it should be killed within less than 5minutes.

So I said, "Commission of xxx%, cable charges S$xx, and agent fees if applicable."

If applicable
killed me.

It demanded to get a confirmed answer, not a if applicable.
Well, it's not gonna happen.
Because in case you don't already know, there are freaking countless number of banks in the world. And we're not talking about Singapore alone you prick. You're remitting to Phillipines for God's sake. How in the world would I know how many banks there are in Phillipines, and how the mother would I be able to check if we're the beneficiary bank's agent bank?!

So I reiterated, thousand times over, that no, I will not be able to commit if there will be agent bank fees applied to that transfer.

It kept going on about how dumb I was, how I have serious communication issues, I'm unable to understand what it wants, all it wants to know is whether there are going to be agent bank charges or not.


So it went on and on and on insulting my intelligence, testing my limits, insisting on speaking to someone that will be able to help answer its queries.

And there came the greatest question of all time.

"What, how long have you worked here? 1 day? 2 days?" FUCK OFF. I haven't been around for long, but I've been around long enough to know the answer to your stupid question, but just because I can't give you the answer you want, DOES NOT MEAN I'M DUMB. IT MEANS YOU'RE STUBBORN AND YOU'RE UNWILLING TO ACCEPT THAT NO BANK IN SINGAPORE WILL COMMIT TO SUCH HANG-BY-THE-THREAD ANSWERS FOR YOU.

So what if I tell you there isn't going to be an agent bank. SO IF YOU GET CHARGED, YOU'RE GONNA COME AFTER ME.

And if, in future you don't get charged, you're coming after us again to demand why is there a difference.

Such predictability in customers who really think they deserve every right.
Yes you deserve to be treated with respect. But not until you show no respect for me, and if you dont prove yourself worthy of any respect.

I am not hired for you to insult, humiliate, and trample on.

And it ended its little drama kind/queen moment by adding that speaking ot me, is like dealing with third world country service.




And the worst part was, this was due to wrong information given by a previous colleague. Who it was, I honestly do not know.

So yes, my day didn't end well at work.
But it was made better because my SPEED dvd and album arrived in the mail, and I'm getting the DVD ahead of the official release on Nov 24.

Simple pleasures.

Speaking of which, I've totalled my spending on CDJAPAN since 2008. I've spent a grand total of 35263yen, which amounts to approximately S$550 based on current rate. HMM. I thought I'd spent a lot more than that.

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November 20th, 2010

10:13 pm

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